Love notes from generous types...

I sought Tamara out for coaching because I was finding it difficult to make some decisions regarding my career path versus family commitments.

She did a wonderful job of helping me find new insights and a sense of direction; she articulates all that is going on in your head and makes sense of it!! With her guidance I was able to work out my core values and how these would flow into influencing my different career choices.

Tamara is so genuinely interested in you as a whole person and helping you live an authentic life. She has no judgements about others and her sense of humour, capacity for fun and ability to reflect back to you the jumble of ideas that comes out of your brain is truly inspirational!

If I could summarise her in three words - it'd be this: AWESOME, GIVING, CENTRED. Would I recommend her to others? HELL YES!

Dannielle Charge

I joined Creative Coping for multiple reasons; I just knew that I could not go on any longer the way that I was. I was just in a state of completely existing.

Working with Tamara provided me with HUGE insights. The first module was probably one of the biggest ones for me; I’ve gained so much strength from the course and made some enormous decisions as a result. I HAD THIS INSTANT SENSE OF ..’THIS IS IT.’ This fits with me and is true to who I am. It’s been HUGE.

I really appreciated the flexibility of the call dates, and the modules were easy to access.

The whole approach was very comprehensive, very holistic. There’s a lot of information so the takeaways and chopsticks to summarise your progress were really helpful.

Did I mention that I LOVE the resources? I just LOVE THEM.

I have already recommend Tamara to others – and I’ve been using some of her material to help some of the important people in my life (my children and close friends).

Creative Coping helped me in a huge way with shifting my self-perception. I know I’ll need reminding now and then – but I’m confident I’ve got the tools now to move ahead. Creative Coping helped me make the hard decisions, focus on who and what I am and refocus my direction.

Kristy D.


We invited Tamara along to deliver a workshop for local business women with an awareness that many people in our community were suffering both financially and emotionally due to prolonged drought and other factors impacting the economy.

Would we invite Tamara back? ABSOLUTELY! Many women asked if we would be running this again in the future!

We found her approach to be ‘real’ and hands-on …with healthy doses of humour.

I would recommend Tamara to anyone looking for either individual or group/workshop input to help them learn how to cope with or process situations that seemingly cannot be changed. Her zany and engaging style of delivery helps you regain new perspective… you come away feeling uplifted with some solid tools to use in your own life.

Charters Towers Zonta Group

I didn’t know what to expect to be honest when I signed up for Creative Coping. I thought it would be cool just because of your blog posts. But it turns out Creative Coping was more powerful than I could ever have imagined. I didn’t expect a complete reboot…I didn’t even know I needed one!

I loved how accessible Creative Coping was - I could absorb it from bed, in my lunch-hour, sitting in the café. I could do it and achieve it; I have a toddler, I’m working, and I could still do it.

I also really resonated with the format and the style of delivery of Creative Coping – the mix of audio and presentation - to the point that I’m investigating how to do this form of delivery in my business!

If you could summarise your experience of Creative Coping in three words.. what would you say..?

I can summarise the experience in two words... “Thank God.” That’s it – that’s my response. It’s been my saviour. Just fabulous, SUPER. And it came along at just at the right time.

I feel like I’ve been rebooted. I feel like I’m back to myself. Relationships in my life have been improving.

And, more than that, the little pieces that you spoke at times were just GOLDEN. I felt that if I had only read your work, it wouldn’t have been the same – hearing your voice was where the power was.

Some of the things you taught were like a ‘slap in the face’… ‘light bulbs’ …. ‘a kick in the shin.’ Not brutally, but wham …there it is, in a TRUTHFUL kind of way. Like … INJECT THIS INTO YOUR THINKING AND TURN YOUR THINKING ON ITS HEAD.

I didn’t want the course to end! I felt a little ‘end of course grief’ when we finished… and then I received your farewell package in the mail… and I cried (happy tears!).

All of it, the presentation, delivery, your teachings and voice, they were part of this rebooting of me…


Mel D.

I gained so much out of this. I would love to hear and learn more from you! I’m walking away with several actionable creative coping skills. Bravo!

Jo Retroe

An absolutely lovely workshop to attend. You’re a wonderful speaker and really helped highlight the power of using my creativity to get more out of life.

Tess Goodsall

I loved learning about connecting with your wild woman and how to be more creative (and stress free) in everyday life. Woohoo! I can’t wait to use these tips. I would recommend you to everyone!

Jessee Miller

Tamara is a skilled therapist that awakens the spirit…. You are one amazing lady!! I am in awe of your passion, intelligence and power to inflict change through thoughts!!!

Josie De Courcey