6 sweet weeks to move beyond barely-hanging-in-there-surviving, to your own brand of THRIVING.



Calling All Women Aching For...

...a way to uplevel their coping skills, catch their breath and regain a sense of self in the mix of one helluva' busy life.

My heart swelled enormous the other day. Enormous with empathy. I was working with a woman who revealed she's just 'over it.' Over the day-to-day grind, over trying to keep it all together, over being everything, to everyone. She uttered a sentence which I think reflects the human condition. A yearning for more. A contemplation that murmurs 'is this all there is?'

"My life's just not where I thought it would be. I could not have imagined my life would be like this. Somedays I feel like I could just walk out."

Wow. Big and honest and visceral. Real words coming from a real woman. She is Mamma, breadwinner, wife, daughter, sister, friend. But here's the thing. When we unpacked what she'd said, we worked out, she doesn't truly 'want out'.

Actually what she

really wants is to be Back-In

Back in life. Back in the game. Back feeling like the unique, talented, vivacious woman that she really is. Back feeling competent, energised, fired-up, purposeful.


Any of these signs sound familiar to you?


You feel like you're running on auto-speed pilot, racing day-in and day-out, with no real time to pull back and think about stuff. Of the big picture kind.

You're caught in ho-hum ground-hog-day replay. Wake. Eat. Work. Eat. Bed. Repeat. You want to do something else. You want to focus on something bigger. Something that's just for you. Something more titillating, thrilling, adventuresome. But you just haven't got the energy to get there.

You're exhausted. You feel it in your bones, and yet the Doc hasn't been able to uncover anything wrong with you physically. Yet the exhaustion, and something else, (a searching ache perhaps?) remains, and keeps getting bigger.

You're feeling burnt-out, your body keeps getting sick with little niggling ailments, and you have this sneaking suspicion that you're holding the whole titanic up with a few finite threads.

You've lost your sense of 'You.' In the mix of life, and demands, and responsibilities, you've lost sight of your uniqueness, your 'mojo.' You feel like once, long ago, you knew what you stood for and who you were, but time and pressure has worn 'the defining bits' away and it all seems murky unclear now.


Feeling like it's high time you worked out some strong, resilient Coping skills that leave you feeling nourished and powerful?

Ready to banish emotional exhaustion and fill-up your emotional cup to full-to-the-brim over-flowing?


In six sweet weeks, I'll show you how to Cope Creatively...


...blending your own uniqueness, with the demands in your life, so that you finally have your emotional energy and 'spark' back in bucket-loads.

What am I talking about when I say Creative Coping?


People often think I'm going to ask you to get your hands messy with clay and paints and glitter. And yep, I certainly introduce some tangible creative unfurlings to immerse yourself in.

However, what I'm really talking about is learning how to slow your life down, on the inside, while still keeping up the same, if not more efficient pace, on the outside. I'm talking about cultivating your rich, ever present, inner reservoir of creativity. The well of knowing inside you that, when loved and nourished to full fruition, repays you ten-fold with a sense of Zen, a unique solution-finding perspective, and a sure compass for decision-making.


The Creative Coping ecourse is a 6 week journey to equipping you with enduring life tools that become apart of your very being, so that no matter what shows up in your life, you remained poised, responsive and flexible.




"But... can I really change my old ways and learn new, easeful and loving habits to help myself out of this hole..?"

I used to wonder that too. But, I'm living proof that a duck can grow new feathers. Or somethin' like that.

"But, I'm so damn busy."

It's absolutely fine if you're wild-busy and under the pump. Jump on the train knowing you can access (and re-access) your ecourse goodies when you're ready and able.



You're living press-and-repeat daily routine with no energy left to do the stuff you love, or to even rediscover what you love.

You're overwhelmed with life, work, family and 'stuff' and need space to claim back your once irrepressible spark.

You're sick of getting locked-into destructive patterns with the people you love (explosive arguments, tantrums, or snarly silent treatment), which you know know know rides off the back of you feeling so darn stressed. You suspect that if you were just feeling calmer, you'd deal with the 'little' stuff better.

You're looking for more clarity about your purpose, your higher calling, your big-picture 'Why?'

You want to know the spontaneous, 'playful' you again; the one who laughs easily and loudly. The one who believes in the innate goodness of the world, of others, and most especially, of yourself.

You'd value being given the tools, space and mentorship to call Creative Coping into your life as a lasting life skill that you can call on again and again.

You're not sure what's up, exactly. But you know you're not coping, and you want to get on top of it. You want to up your potential by finding methods that build your resilience and help you face each day with optimism and hope.

Whatever space you're in, if you are needing (and craving!) real and tangible know-how on how to Cope with Life with Sass and Strength and Assuredness, then You and I are Meeting each other at the Perfect Cross-Road.

So what's behind the curtain? Why am I so confident Creative Coping is a journey of integrity, results and authentic transformation...?



"Here's the thing. I have no secret desire to be a holier-then-thou Sage, or pinnacle of healthy lifestyle and living, or an exemplar of Zen-full existence."


I'm an as-real-as-you Woman having a crack on this Earthly plane, trying my damndest to get things-done, to do it well, and to do it with love. Sometimes that looks smooth and spiritual and rich. Sometimes it's decidely inelegant and clumsy.

BUT. There was a time in my life where I knew that the way I was interacting and coping in my daily life was more a manifestation of how stressed and under-the-pump I was, rather than an expression of who-I-really-was at my core.


You see, the pressure I was under crept out in a myriad of ways. I was....



  • Prone to 'taking-out' my stress on my nearest and dearest (why is it that so often our loved ones cop the thickest mud when the going gets tough?).
  • Often run-down with little niggling ailments. Cold sores. Sore throats. Colds.
  • Searching for something more. I felt an inner 'gap' or 'ache' that was looking for more meaning and purpose in the mix of my day-to-day.
  • Rushing. From the time I woke to the time I hit the deck. Every single day was FULL. Of demands. Deadlines. Appointments. Meetings. My priorities were scattered, and yet I didn't have enough time to take stock and start moving in the direction that sang to me.
  • Making BAD DECISIONS. My clarity of thought and connection to Self was foggy and muddied by the pace of my life and the turmoil of my thoughts, at the heart of which was a big, gaping hole in what should have been a rich and full Self-Worth Bucket.
  • Seeking to cope in ways that weren't always helpful. I played as hard as I worked. My weekends were full. Full of social. Engagements. Gatherings. Food. Grog. Always with the grog. I was desperately searching to top-up my emotional energy, yet I was going about it in all in the wrong ways.
  • Facing life on all fronts, like many of us are, every day. I was dealing with a pituitary tumour, a deep ache to conceive children, a failing marriage, a gorgeous yet bloody-stressful job (I worked with traumatised children), a hum-dinger sized mortgage(s!), wider family dramas, etc, etc and blah and on. Doesn't matter who we are, we're all generally dealing with something on our plate we'd rather not have had served up in the first place.


Fast forward to now...


I wish I had before and after pictures to show you (a good picture paints a thousand words, right...?). On first impression I may not look much different, but on closer inspection, I am completely transformed.

I'm no longer struggling to keep my head above the water.


I'm sailing.

And even on the days when the wind's a bit slack and my mast might not be as full as others, my sense of purpose, my deep, inner sense of satisfaction and contentment, my well of gratitude, never wavers. And I've got to tell you, it feels so damn natural to feel good about yourself, to cherish the life you're living, while also holding a quiet sense of excitement about where you're headed.



There's a reason you're looking for a different way to exist...


...that's your gorgeous, steadfast intuition, tap, tap tapping away at your consciousness, begging you to take stock, breathe deep, and find a new way....


I'd love to take your hand and show you how. Gently. Bravely. Irrevocably.


6 Creative Coping Modules delivered to you via Audio and Visuals

A 20 minute unique guided meditation audio to use throughout your course to tap into your inner creative 'voice,' deepening your transformation and learnings on your journey

6 sets of 'touchstone' worksheets to guide your learnings, chart your progress and celebrate your transformations

6 weekly live tele-coaching group calls - a bit of treasure available as an exclusive feature of the program in its current form (in the future participants will only be able to access recordings!)

A beautiful bonus MP3 to guide you in accessing and recognising the voice of your inner creative muse


Okay, so this is sounding GRAND, but what can you expect to take away ( take-away?) from Creative Coping...?


A blue-print for nailing-down your life purpose

A method for working out your current coping style (are you The Nurse, The Martha Stewart or The Hippy?), and methodology for developing coping styles that work better for you (such as The Moderator, The Ghandi or The Creative).

Exploration of a wide variety of Creative Coping techniques to try on for size to collect your own steadfast coping repertoire

A gently guided introduction to meeting your inner creative muse, the voice of your internal well of knowing, that you can return to time and again to call on for help with decision making and meaning making

Development of a daily routine and ritual to top-up your emotional energy bucket to zinging over-flow again

The discovery of 8 simple 'energy zapping areas' in your life and how to get a wangle on them to up your innate Coping-odometre

Introduction to accessible (non-threatening) mindfulness tools to help sloow-down and find your breath (and inner light!) again

A system for 'being your own internal' coach when the going gets tough

Introduction to the remarkable belief of 'Ekoponomaya' and how to apply this in life to help with the Coping-thing

A map for connecting with your inner wild woman to help yourself regain eagle-eye perspective

A so-so-simple yet powerful tool for restructuring your daily word choice to help attract and influence favourable outcomes in your life

Discovery of a luscious, why-didn't-I-think-of-that-(?) creative pastime to switch off your chattering mind and tune into your creative, solution-finding, 'coping' mind

A series of fail-proof (and funny!) techniques for taking back control from a mind prone to worrying and anxiety (an absolute must for any Creative Coping Queen)

A divinely meaningful gratitude practice that moves beyond 'surface' cliche into a zone that generates lasting contentment and fulfilment

A step-by-step process for uncovering your deepest values and developing a sure and strong sense of your everyday Why


 Meet your mentor for this journey

A little bit about this Tamara Hogan chick...


Tamara holds a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy, and has spent years specialising in the intangible world of the psyche as a mental health clinician.

These days she combines her therapy skills, with her own personal life experiences and tool kit, working as mentor to women wanting to move beyond 'just surviving' to a place where they are no-buts-about-it, thriving.

She is an author, workshop leader and developer of personal-development courses for the Soulful woman hankering for more outta' life.

In her words:

"You know how people talk about 'having-a-calling?' Yep, well, this. Creative Coping. This falls in that category.

A Calling. A Siren in the night, a can't-turn-back-even-if-I-wanted-to nudging that draws me forward and insists and insists that I share this work. Why? Well, at the risk of sounding Bambi-Eyed-Gushy, this STUFF, this content, these practices and this knowledge... CHANGED MY LIFE. And it has gone on to CHANGE THE LIVES OF MANY OF MY (truly magnificent) CLIENTS.

LIFE IS TOO BLOODY SHORT to walk around with an ache in your belly  and a shudder in your Soul. It's okay to want more, to feel more, to seek more. That's your Spirit, whispering to you.. 'there is a better way.' I thank GOD, and the UNIVERSE, and anyone else who is listening for kicking-me-off on this journey. And here's the thing... JOURNEY'S ARE MEANT TO BE SHARED. Hand-over-Heart, I would be honoured to share in your Creative Coping journey too.

What will life feel like for you over on the other side..? That is so unique and personal for each woman-on-the-trek, but for JUST AN INKLING, check out some of my treasured testimonials below.

With love, Tamara x

Sweet Words from Generous Types...


“I’m the kind of person who is a weird learner. If it doesn’t click with me – I can’t pick it up. But when it ‘clicks’ I remember it and take with me forever. Your material is like that. It just ‘clicks.’ I’m sharing your questions and content with so many people around me – and I know it’s helping them too. I think everyone needs to do this kind of a course…! Everyone is struggling in their own way.

You know, I was explaining the 3x3x3 the other day to a friend, and while I was in the throes of sharing the information, I looked out the window – and for the first time in the two years I’ve lived here, I saw the true beauty in my front yard. Previously I’d only seen the rocks and all the work that had to be done. But then, in that moment, I heard the galahs, and the leaves rustling, and I really saw the beauty. It was a huge shift for me.”

Tenille Atherton

“Absolutely LOVE EKOPONOMAYA” – it just makes so much sense in my own life. I love this material – it’s all really cool stuff.. .like new stuff… it’s stuff I haven’t seen before… and trust me… I’ve read plenty..!!

Course participant, 2016

"AMAZING. I think EVERYONE IN THE WORLD NEEDS TO DO CREATIVE COPING..!! Seriously, I'm driving everyone around me mad; I can't stop talking about it. It’s quirky and fantastic. And I don't think it's just me; anyone would find this course extremely fun and valuable as well. Every tool, every principle, was so DAMN HELPFUL...!!!" 

Course Participant, 2016


"I found you through your Mary Bea books; really awesome stuff…!! So I felt confident I could work with you. And then we did a discovery call together, which was amazing. I trusted you. To be able to be open and honest is so important.

Creative Coping has helped SO MUCH. Definitely. Significantly. I think back to things that I’ve had to face… prior to Creative Coping it would have invoked a full-blown panic attack. I would not have been able to sleep or function. I can now more easily ‘observe’ my feelings of anxiety – I’m more able to change, be more flexible. And.. I’ve got to tell you…[using your tools] to relate to my ‘thoughts’ differently...has helped SO MUCH.

I appreciate that Creative Coping is delivered online. Being able to have that availability to you as a ‘person’ has also been important; because you’ve been so REAL; I’ve just personally related to you so much.

It’s perfect as snap-size ‘shot glasses’ of information – & is not heavy on homework – it’s a good amount of time to get a set of tools together to be able to move forward...

Would I recommend Creative Coping to others? Oh my gosh heck YES!! I want to recommend it to other women in my life. I would even want my husband to do this course…!! And especially for women who are not necessarily sure what they’re meant to be doing or where they want to be – or that are feeling, ‘you know what, how am I going to get out of this..?’ Or even women who are stuck in the past and unable to move forward. This course has helped me move forward into the present, to acknowledge the good stuff and to gain perspective on the hard stuff.

It’s been an absolute pleasure being on this journey. It was the right timing. For me personally – it’s been beautiful. It was what I needed. THANK YOU."            

Bella Fuller

“I signed up for Creative Coping hoping to get rid of negativity, and wanting to find pleasure and happiness in the everyday again.

The whole course was just AMAZING.

One of the best things was I found my relationship with my husband has deepened again; we even went away together, which is something we haven’t done in a LONG time.

Going through the course, you can relate it immediately to your own life. Remembering how ‘to be you’ has been a big part of the process.


Well. If there’s a word for that… that’s how I feel after completing Creative Coping.

Rosslyn Jones


Tamara is a skilled therapist that awakens the spirit"... You are one amazing lady!! I am in awe of your passion, intelligence and power to inflict change through thoughts!!! Josie De Courcey

I gained SO MUCH out of this...!!! I would love to hear and learn more from you! I’m walking away with several actionable creative coping skills. Bravo!    Jo Retroe

An absolutely lovely workshop to attend. You’re a wonderful speaker and really helped highlight the power of using my creativity to get more out of life. Tess Goodsall

I loved learning about connecting with your wild woman and how to be more creative (and stress free) in everyday life. Woohoo! I can’t wait to use these tips. I could listen to you all night! Definitely - I would recommend you to everyone! Jessee Miller

Questions you may have on your mind...


How will the course be run? 

All of the course goodies are available for your eyes-only through a clever password-protected course webpage. When you sign-up, you'll receive a welcome-pack, detailing the course outline and live coaching call dates. Each week, you'll receive access to your modules in sequential order, along with your MP3 meditation and audio, touchstone worksheets and videos, to read over and absorb at a time that suits your needs and schedule.

You'll be able to download your modules to your hard-drive and MP3 players; you'll just need some kind of MP3 software (like Quicktime or iTunes) along with a freebie copy of ol' Adobe Reader.


Can I really expect results from Creative Coping? Like, I'm not kidding...I really need some help.

If Creative Coping helped me, then the same principles, techniques, and rituals can help you. Why am I so confident? Because I felt like a total cot-case when I started out, and really wondered if I was capable of changing. And the (to this day astounding!) truth is, I did change. But here's the thing; I was committed to changing. From the inside out. I was ready. And that's the key. If you step into this space with an open heart and mind, and are willing to nourish yourself by showing up and doing the work, you're can't help but transform.


Would there be any reason I wouldn't be suited to this course?

This course is designed for the everyday woman coping with everyday stressors. I also warmly welcome people who experience *anxiety or depression (and in fact, there are some evidence based principles in here that I draw on that are very useful for people who do experience these conditions).

However, this course would not be suitable for someone who is experiencing active suicidal thinking, or active psychosis (such as might be found in untreated schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, delusional disorder or psychotic depression). In these instances I would always recommend your seeking the advice of your doctor.


How are you feeling about you, in your life, right now? If you've got a deep, immovable sense of ease, and a breathe-exhale-ahh feeling of 'I'm okay, happy and hopeful', then - wahoooo! You so don't need to be reading these words.

But if on the other hand you're feeling completely deflated, and you're so o-o-OVER feeling like that, then, honey-cheeks, really, what are you waiting for...? If you don't take a flying leap and trust in your ability to transform, to know life more deeply, nourished and liberated, then truly, when will you?

My first Creative Coping tip would be this: make a decision, either way, and stick to it (indecisiveness is a nasty energy zapper).

If you are feeling ready though, ready to make a lasting, and God-knows well-deserved life change, enrol right here and now, and let's get to building your own suite of Creative Coping Skills.. for life.



*If you have experienced chronic depression and/or anxiety over many years, and have been unresponsive to a combination of therapeutic and medical intervention, I would encourage you to return to your trusted Doctor for advice before proceeding.


I use my 10 years of work as a bona fide health professional to form the strong foundation to Creative Coping. However, I stress that I do not offer this program in my capacity as a tertiary qualified health professional. The reason being is that I combine evidence-based practice, with both life coaching and spirituality practices. My professional board cannot condone the intangible world of Spiritful journeying, and I'm cool with that. It's very hard to stick consciousness raising and Soul-talk in a jar to assess its efficacy. For this reason, I have stepped out of the constraints of my health professional uniform.  But I embrace this as a tremendous opportunity. I get to offer you the science-ticked goodies, along with the transformative power of hearing and nurturing our Soul selves. For this reason, if you are looking for a program that follows the rule-book, this is not the course for you. If on the other hand you are open to or curious about mind, body and Spirit journeying, then I think you and I will be a perfect match.You should also be clear that you can’t absorb my beloved course via osmosis. As with any endeavour where you’re wanting to see results, you need to put your shoulder to the hilt. Pedal to the metal. Eyelashes down, derrière up. You got to put the work in baby. What you get out of this experience, is 100% up to you. You can start cooking up some of your own magic, or you can skim over this program, ignore the contents, and keep on doing-what you’ve always done.


Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately portray this program and its potential. Each person is different, and their success depends on their history, current life situation, internal and emotional resources, motivation, and commitment. None of the tools or methodology explored in this course is intended to replace the advice of health professionals or your trusted Doctor. If you are experiencing untreated mental illness or if you have an unresolved trauma history, please seek the advice of your trusted medical and/or health professional. You and you alone are responsible for your own health and wellbeing, and also for your choice to participate in this ecourse at all times, including prior to, during and after your completion of this course.
Due to the length and level of personal attention in this course I do not have capacity to offer you a refund once you have made payment. Please contact myself directly as the course administrator if you need to discuss this further or run into difficulty with payment.